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Let’s Get Your Home Sold!

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Here’s How . . .

Before We Meet, I Will –

  • Create a listing contract
  • Complete other required documents: closing Instructions, property disclosure, showing instructions, lead paint disclosure, etc.
  • Create seller file
  • Discuss needed maintenance/repair
  • Discuss preparation for showings

Together, We Will –

  • Complete and sign listing documents, discuss showing instructions, and which fixtures stay or go (inclusions/exclusions)
  • Discuss choice of title company
  • Collect HOA documents, or how to access them. Set HOA documents up in electronic form so buyer agents can access them
  • Set aside a key to use in the lockbox
  • Install lockbox
  • Discuss how to prepare the home for showing, and whether any renovations can be done to increase sale price.
  • Discuss securing all valuables, prescription medicines, and personal documents before showings
  • Determine commission, including 2.5% or more to buyers’ agents.

Everything is Set in Motion for Marketing –

  • Scan and email all signed documents, or copy and deliver, to seller. Or, if signed electronically, email PDF version to seller
  • Place sign in yard.
  • Create Property Notebook, if seller desires
  • Deliver Lead Paint Booklet to property
  • Create temporary fliers and stock sign box with them
  • Take photographs
  • Download and edit photographs
  • Upload listing to MLS
  • Upload documents to MLS
  • Create enticing text
  • Upload photographs
  • Add enticing text to photographs
  • Add listing to showing/feedback service
  • Create full-color fliers and stock sign box
  • Create mini-fliers and deliver
  • Create property listing on our website
  • Enroll property on MLS
  • Write blog and post to multiple sites
  • Write neighborhood blog post (if not already completed) and post to same sites
  • Post ad on Craig’s List’
  • Update seller on progress of marketing efforts
  • Respond to buyer inquiries
  • Show home to unrepresented buyers
  • Hold weekday open house (if desired) for brokers, hand out mini-fliers for them to share with clients, etc.
  • Hold weekend open house (if desired) for the public
  • Respond to agent inquiries
  • Show home to represented buyers at their agent’s request
  • Update seller on marketing, any ‘tweaking’, number of hits, etc.
  • Review buyer/agent feedback with seller
  • Perform updated market review
  • Inform seller of any pertinent activity in market (other homes sold, under contract or newly listed in their area)
  • Refresh MLS listing, as needed

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We Have an Offer!!

  • Notify seller s soon as offer is received, schedule review appointment
  • Review offer, take note of items to discuss with seller
  • Contact buyers’ agent regarding questions, any errors, relationship with lender
  • Discuss pros and cons with seller
  • Review lender letter, contact lender for more information
  • Determine seller response and prepare docs for delivery by deadline
  • Contact agents who have shown recently, let them know they need to hurry if their client has any interest
  • Prepare counter offer if necessary, present to buyer/agent, follow up


Under Contract

  • Once offer is signed by all parties, deliver copy to seller, title/closing company, and buyer’s agent
  • Note contingency dates on calendar, set alarms
  • Touch base with title company, as to whether HOA documents have been obtained already or are still necessary
  • Update MLS, showing service, fliers, blog posts, internet that home is under contract
  • Once title commitment arrives, discuss with seller. If any problems are noted, assist with resolutions.
  • Confirm that inspection date and time works for seller, explain process
  • Assist inspector with access
  • Review inspection objection with seller, if any, and prepare responseSell-My-House-fast-massachusetts
  • Negotiate inspection resolution
  • Confirm with buyers’ lender that appraisal has been ordered
  • Confirm that appraisal date and time works for seller, explain process
  • Assist appraiser with access, attend appraisal if needed
  • Determine appraisal value meets contract contingency. If not, begin negotiations
  • Monitor mortgage commitment process
  • Confirm with seller that all inspection items have been completed



  • Schedule closing time and place with all parties
  • Confirm whether buyer will do a walk-through, schedule with seller
  • Review settlement statements/HUD-1 when available
  • Review closing procedures with client (utilities, closing funds, who to expect at the table, process)
  • Attend closing
  • Pick up lockbox, sign
  • Update MLS, showing service, fliers, blog posts, and internet sites that home is sold
  • Complete file as required by broker and submit